ex-serv-anon.c   ex-serv-anon.c 
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SOCKET_ERR(err, "bind"); SOCKET_ERR(err, "bind");
err = listen(listen_sd, 1024); err = listen(listen_sd, 1024);
SOCKET_ERR(err, "listen"); SOCKET_ERR(err, "listen");
printf("Server ready. Listening to port '%d'.\n\n", PORT); printf("Server ready. Listening to port '%d'.\n\n", PORT);
client_len = sizeof(sa_cli); client_len = sizeof(sa_cli);
for (;;) { for (;;) {
gnutls_init(&session, GNUTLS_SERVER); gnutls_init(&session, GNUTLS_SERVER);
gnutls_priority_set_direct(session, gnutls_priority_set_direct(session,
gnutls_credentials_set(session, GNUTLS_CRD_ANON, anoncred); gnutls_credentials_set(session, GNUTLS_CRD_ANON, anoncred);
sd = accept(listen_sd, (struct sockaddr *) &sa_cli, sd = accept(listen_sd, (struct sockaddr *) &sa_cli,
&client_len); &client_len);
printf("- connection from %s, port %d\n", printf("- connection from %s, port %d\n",
inet_ntop(AF_INET, &sa_cli.sin_addr, topbuf, inet_ntop(AF_INET, &sa_cli.sin_addr, topbuf,
sizeof(topbuf)), ntohs(sa_cli.sin_port)); sizeof(topbuf)), ntohs(sa_cli.sin_port));
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